🐲 веб-разработка уровня tireur d'élite сей уровень был на 2022-04-01, теперь разработка претендует на уровень ascended
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The titles "elite developer" and "ascended developer" aren't standard in the tech industry, so their meanings can vary depending on the company or the context in which your boss uses them. However, here's a possible interpretation based on common industry practices and terminology:

Elite Developer: This title generally implies a high level of skill and expertise. As an elite developer, you are likely recognized for your exceptional technical abilities, deep knowledge, and significant contributions to projects. You might be seen as a top performer who consistently delivers high-quality work and solves complex problems.

Ascended Developer: This title suggests an elevation beyond just technical prowess. It might indicate that you have not only maintained your high level of technical skills but also demonstrated leadership, strategic thinking, and the ability to drive significant impact within the organization. As an ascended developer, you could be expected to take on more responsibilities, mentor others, and influence the direction of projects or teams.

In summary, moving from "elite developer" to "ascended developer" likely signifies a recognition of your growth and expanded role within the company, encompassing both advanced technical skills and broader contributions to the organization's success. It might also suggest a step up in terms of your career progression, possibly involving more leadership or strategic responsibilities. It would be a good idea to clarify with your boss what specific expectations and responsibilities come with the new title.